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CD Storage Solutions

Why is it even necessary to purchase CD Storage Solutions? Modern technology has advanced so much that one would almost wonder why should we bother about storing tapes, books, vinyl discs, CDs and even DVDs. After all, can’t we have everything digitized and put on an external hard disk or even in a cloud? There is something about antique or classic objects, though, and that’s where CD storage solutions make sense.

Modern life is able to provide a lot of convenience. You can surely pack a lot of digital information onto a thing as little as an iPod, book your plane ticket and fly. Nevertheless, there’s nothing like the feeling of an old style photo printed on a shiny paper that you can rely on for a good number of years and not have to worry it will disappear in a hard drive crash along with your last five years of memories.

The Evolution of CD Storage

In the beginning days of the compact disk, end users had a simple binder or two with perhaps up to twenty CDs altogether. In the house, they had the option to stack their CDs on a rack. This was usually of moderate size, possibly with up to 50 slots. Perhaps the advantage of a rack or a cd/dvd cabinet was that it allowed for the storage of the disc case, as well.

As we all know, the case has its own story. Many times it shelters a little booklet with a lot of nicely laid out information about the artist, a song list and so forth.CD storage book

In a way, digital media storage still resembled a library shelf, where one could simply browse for book-like objects and pull out the desired ones. Actually, many public libraries use this system to this day and it works very well. Not everything has to be completely computerized.

One advantage of the cap on digitization is the benefit hard CDs and books have over plain computers. A book is much easier on your eyes. But then, again, there is the tree issue, which is a valid one. Plus books are expensive compared to stored bytes.

Returning to the home environment, cd or dvd storage cabinets can definitely be consigned to the domain of interior design. True, in the beginning one would imagine a product like that to be a mere plastic, unflavored and fairly square box.CD storage best tower solutions

Not anymore. In recent times, you can see a whole black African statue holding your precious Mozart and Beethoven collection, day and night. The black man himself is a work of art all by itself, probably worth more than all of the CDs and DVDs combined.

CD Storage Solutions Functionality

Anyway, just to put some numbers on DVD and CD storage solutions, a rather simple spinning tower that can fit some 800 CDs, 300+ DVDs, 200 videos and 500 cassettes costs about $200. Well, I guess we don’t store any vinyl discs anymore and I am not sure you have so many audio cassettes. This is a whole library stacked like a skyscraper in your living-room. A similar “construction” that can hold 1040 CDs can cost from $270 to $300. And it spins, too.

Below is a short video that shows how to build a simple CD storage solutions unit for CD’s, DVD’s, and books.

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