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Bell’O BWS101 Wall Mounted CD Storage Shelves

Many average sized home owners tend to overlook the benefits of having wall mounted CD storage shelves installed in their living room. In reality, having a medium to small sized living room may impose a limit to the homeowner when it comes to arrangements of furniture. Many people tend to choose installing a wall mounted television instead of the bulky one in order to save space. This is a great way of saving space, but they tend to forget where to place their growing collection of CDs.

When there are many people occupying the same living room on a regular basis, eventually it will become harder to maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the area. CDs will start appearing in the kitchen, bedroom and possibly scattered on the floor. When guests arrive unexpectedly, it would bring massive embarrassment to the homeowner. These common problems can now be addressed by installing wall mounted CD storage shelves that have enough CD storage capacity accommodate a large collection of CDs without taking a lot of space in the living room. One of the most popular choices of today is the Bell’O BWS101 storage shelved units.

Bell'O Wall Mounted CD Storage Shelves

How Easy Is It to Install the Bell’O BWS101 Wall Mounted CD Storage Shelves?

One thing for sure is that the CD shelves can be installed without one having to seek any professional help. It will take approximately one hour for a beginner to complete the installation. The screws are provided together with the purchase, and there are comfortable spaces available at the far end of the shelves to accommodate the long wires. Users can also create the appropriate holes at the back of the shelves if they want the wires to look neat while being connected to the outlet plugs on the wall. The after-sales support team is excellent as well. Buyers can always contact the customer representatives and request for help regarding the installation. If in any way that the screws or any of the parts get broken the after-sales support team can provide buyers with a replacement without imposing any extra costs.

The mount is available in two choices – the single or double studs. Buyers who want to install the shelves next to their wall mounted television can use the single stud. This option allows the shelves to be placed high enough where children are not able to reach them. This type of wall mounted CD storage is not only beneficial for CD storage capacity purposes. The shelves can accommodate a CD player as well since there are two available racks.

Both the screws and taps are of excellent quality. Everything will fit nicely into its own slots. Buyers are supplied with hex wrenches and this provides a smooth wrench work. Take note that a user needs to have a ratchet or a powerful drill in order to make sure that the lag screws go in perfectly with the appropriate studs.

What are the Benefits of Using the Bell’O BWS101 Wall Mounted CD Storage Shelves?

One thing for sure is that the panels of the shelves are available in various colors. Therefore, buyers can always find the one that fits their personal preference. The availability of different colors will also make it easier for buyers to match the shelves with other existing furniture in the living room. Other than that, it is very easy to complete the installation. Buyers are encouraged to use wood studs, cinder blocks or ready-to-apply cement to ensure added long term sturdiness.

The Bell’O BWS101 wall mounted CD storage shelves come with durable racks made from thick glass. Apart from its intense and attractive grey color, the glass is durable enough to hold at least fifty pounds of items at a time. It is expected that the glass shelves can actually support heavier items – provided that they are placed right next to the mounting brackets.

Buyers can also use their own creativity when installing the shelves. Some buyers prefer to buy two sets of these shelves so that they can come up with four-leveled shelves. The shelves can be mounted on top of each other so no space gets wasted. It becomes effortless for CD lovers to have hundreds of CDs displayed either below or next to their TV. All in all, the Bell’O BWS101 wall mounted CD storage shelves are indeed the best product money can buy.

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