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CD Storage Books

CD storage books are almost necessary for those who have bigger disc collections and don’t want the out of style CD tower. There are many different styles of these—with some designed to look like book collections and others designed for optimal space and affordable prices. This article will discuss all the different types and some of the economic/style reasons to transplant your CDs, DVDS, and blue ray discs into these books.

Benefits Of CD Storage Books

If your disc collection is getting absurdly large you should definitely look into buying CD storage books. One of the benefits is being able to travel with your collection. It’s a hassle to take a few plastic CD cases around with you, let alone an entire collection of hundreds or more. With CD storage books you can fit a lot of your collection into one easy to manage booklet. While the amount varies it’s usually circa 60-70 discs for a book design and hundreds for the binder style. This instantly takes the burden off you for transporting them and allows you more organizational options. Many people wonder about the protectiveness of CD storage books.

When used properly they actually provide a better housing than your other disc cases. The first thing they do is seal out air better. Many people don’t realize that a lot of the scratches and dips in their discs come from just everyday household dust getting into the cases and scratching them slowly over the years. Many people also don’t place their discs directly on the center locking piece on a case, and this leads to more scratches over time. With the storage book you often have sleeves specially made to be low friction. Whether you have a book style or a binder, they secure tighter with most binders having zipper seals. The books are also more durable than plastic cases and many can withstand falling off a shelf or being stepped on without allowing your discs to become damaged.

CD Storage Books

Storage wise the books just look nicer. When placed on a shelf they look like actual books without being tacky. Gone are the days of huge CD towers and placing them on shelves. Unless you’re an actual disc selling store, you won’t be keeping up any sort of contemporary style displaying these mediums. Many people love their hard-copies though and don’t want to only own digital files. So these storage devices are great for displaying your collection in a fashionable way.

Storage Capacity of CD Storage Books

Their most practical conception and design is for space saving. If you can imagine about 60 of your fully cased discs and how much space they take up, and then imagine that being reduced to under a foot in length on a book shelf. Because of the different styles they come in, you can get them to match any style of book on your shelf: they have classic and contemporary designs. The prices of CD storage books vary, with the cheapest costing around 10 dollars on many online sites and the average around $60.

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