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CD Storage Carousel

There are many advantages to owning a CD storage carousel. In this technological age, nearly every aspect of life is touched by high-tech devices. At home, CD storage is no exception. The days of searching through a bookcase or tower of CD’s looking for the album or book of choice are long gone. No more dusting the CDs located on a bookcase or tower every day. This means less worry about the discs getting misplaced or broken. Today, life is much simpler with an electronic CD Storage carousel.

Advantages Of The CD Storage Carousel

This is a fantastic solution to an age-old problem. Having the ability to store approximately 100 to 150 CDs in one carousel, it finds the album of choice quickly, in mere seconds, and the carousel often includes keyed locks to keep the discs safe and secure.

Not only are these carousels perfect for CD storage, but also for game CDs, and DVDs. Generally, any 12cm discs, no matter what the content, can be stored in the carousel. Consider computer data on discs, home videos and pictures on discs as well. Currently physicians, hospitals, and imaging centers use discs to store important medical information. Even portrait studios have begun using discs to present pictures to clients.

The CD storage carousel usually connects to a personal computer with a USB cable and is stackable to conserve desk space and ensure a sharp, clean look. The carousel’s contents are managed with software that is included with the product. Once the user inputs the necessary information concerning the discs in the carousel, the work is done. The only time any data will need to be entered into the computer is if new discs are added to the carousel.

Using The CD Storage Carousel

On most models, there are several ways to locate the CD/DVD of choice. Locate the CD/DVD by title, category or even content. Once the CD/DVD of choice is found on the computer, double click it and the carousel will search and find the item of choice.

Some of the carousels are able to function without a personal computer. Users are given a form to index their discs. A slot number corresponding to the index is punched in the key pad and the disc is located.

CD Storage Carousel

Some carousel’s have the ability to stack on top of one another. Many of these multiple stacking systems use only one USB cable for all the combined units. This would eliminate the possibility of added clutter. Some of these carousels are stackable (up to five high), equaling convenient secure storage of 500 CDs/DVDs. The bottom line is that clutter is not appealing, and neither are wires everywhere. This product will definitely make storing and locating CDs/DVDs much easier.

A CD storage carousel is not very expensive, prices range depending on the brand and the various options available. It solves several different problems. Last, a CD storage carousel keeps a CD collection organized, secure, and offers the ability to search effortlessly for any disc of choice.

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