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If you have acquired a large CD collection over the years, you know how important CD media storage is for keeping your valuable collection safe and easy to access. While storage solutions for the home or college dorm are essential, you may also want to consider portable CD media storage options for when you are away from home or school.

CD Media Storage Racks and Tower Options:

Media racks or CD towers are a great way to not only store your CD collection, but they also offer a nice way in which to display your music collection in your home. Media racks vary from product to product as to the number of CDs they can hold. Some media racks feature a single tower type of style, while others offer two to three times as much capacity or more. Be sure to read the details as to how many CDs or other media options a specific media rack or tower can hold before purchasing.

The spinning media storage tower in another great take on the tower feature. The spinning feature allows for super easy viewing of all of your favorite titles without a lot of searching. They are very convenient and practical storage options as they store a lot without taking up too much space.

If you have small children and are concerned with a media rack or tower becoming a safety issue, make sure to check if the particular CD media storage tower or rack you are interested in has the ability to be mounted safely to a wall where it will be secured and not pose a risk of toppling or being pulled over.

Wall Mounted CD Media Storage Options:

CD media storage

If you are interested in not only providing storage for your CDs and keeping your music collection organized for easy access, you may want to consider a wall mounted CD storage unit that will not only accommodate a much larger collection, but also add a nice decorative piece of furniture to enhance your home’s decor. These options are much more expensive than the tower and media rack options, but also hold as many as 500 or more CDs. Many of these wall mounted units also hold Blue ray discs and DVDs, so you can use them to consolidate your other smaller media storage units into one large, easy to organize wall mounted unit.

Wall mounted units need to be secured properly to ensure their safety. These large capacity units hold a lot of weight and you wouldn’t want to risk harm to anyone, especially a child who may be curious and try to climb to shelves. Make certain to use all hardware provided for mounting and follow instructions carefully to avoid any accidents.

CD Media Storage On The Go:

If you are interested in less expensive CD media storage options that also offer the advantage of being portable, you may wish to consider investing in media storage boxes or binders.

Media storage boxes can usually be purchased for under $15.00, and may require some simply assembly. The capacity for these storage boxes depends upon if the CD itself is stored in a jewel case, a slim plastic case, or paper sleeve. You can virtually double your capacity by reducing the thickness of the CD case. This would be a fantastic media storage choice for such items as photo CDs and other CD roms and DVDs you may use on your computer. You can fit several into one box and it can easily fit on a computer desk for easy access to all of your important media files.

For even lighter, more portable storage, consider a media storage binder. These have compartments within the pages in which to hold several CDs. Binders come in single and double widths and zip up much like a large binder that might be used for school. These are great for taking several of your favorite CDs over to a friend’s house, or when traveling. These CD media storage binders keep your favorite music right at hand, while protecting your investments.

Most of us enjoy listening to our favorites CDs while driving, which makes the visor type of CD storage solutions perfect. You can take several CD’s with you while going on a car ride and store them right above you to help keep your car clutter free and your CDs secure during travel.
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