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Innovative CD Storage

There will always be an innovative CD storage solution for every location, as long as you are willing to exercise even just a bit of your creative prowess. The most common type of CD furniture is the CD rack and the media storage tower but you can always improvise.

Innovative CD Storage: DIY Solutions

If you are revamping your home, you are probably thinking of throwing away some things in your house. First, don’t throw your beloved CDs. Second, don’t throw your seemingly useless shutters. The two can actually go together with a little creativity. Instead of disposing your CD collection, store them in the shutters. Yes, that is really possible. Remove the old shutter from its position and remove the hinges.

You can use the shutters in their present state or you can refurbish them. You can repaint them if you wish, after sanding them. Make sure that there are no splinters stickinginnovative CD storage out to avoid hurting anyone. You can leave a few spots and cracks for a vintage feel, provided that they don’t present any harm. Stick the shutter up the wall with screws or strong adhesive. Put the CDs in paper cases and store them between the openings.

Some objects that have been taken for granted can serve as perfect innovative CD storage, such as shoe boxes. Don’t leave them lying around without use. You can wrap them in attractive wrapping paper and label them according to the CD classification. Stack the shoe boxes together so they don’t consume a lot of space.

The problem with CD storage is that they can consume a lot of space on the floor or desk. This problem is prevalent in an office that uses a lot of CDs. To remedy this problem, bring out your corkboard and drill and make this innovative CD storage. Pin the large corkboard on the wall of your office, using screws. With careful spacing, add push pins to the board. The pins should be at least 3 inches apart. Insert your CD through the hole once you’re done.

If you have filing cabinets at home – like the one used for the old library cards – you can use this as innovative CD storage. You can label it properly and even arrange it in alphabetical order or genre.

Another innovative CD storage that’s not too popular is the cigar box. Cigar boxes are always constructed nicely, with a rustic feel. Plus, it leaves a strong and rich aroma from the cigars. Ask for cigar boxes from your friends or head to the vintage or thrift shop to buy cigar boxes. It’s also the same concept with tin cans from cookies and chocolates. They’re always attractive and classy. Find the right size that will fit the CDs in. You can display the cigar boxes and tin cans in the living room to show off not only for decoration but to store your CDs as well.

Innovative CD Storage: Store-bought Solutions

This isn’t much of a DIY project but adjustable cabinets are very convenient and customizable. The problem with most CD collectors is that they find the right CD storage case but they have problems with the classification and organization of CDs. There is either too little or too much space. You will not have this problem if you use adjustable cabinets as one of your CD storage solutions. You can retain your old CD container and stash them in the cabinets with adjustable levels. With the adjustable levels, at least you don’t have to worry about empty space per CD classification. For example, you can adjust the levels for your humongous reggae collection and lessen the space for your acoustic collection. You can buy these adjustable cabinets in department stores. Adjust the levels as your collection grows to retain a put-together look.

You can also buy the hanging CD storage materials that you put up on the wall. These hanging storage solutions usually have plastic compartments, much like hanging jewelry storage devices. You can just slip the CDs easily, with their hard case covers. Plus, this creative CD storage displays the details of the CD right away. Only one slot is allotted for one CD, so you’ll surely be organized in arranging the CDs.

If you want your CDs to be less visible, you can always keep them in a clear book created for CDs. This clear book is usually created for CDs that don’t have hard cases anymore. The cover of the clear book is usually hard and durable, so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking your CDs accidentally.

Believe it or not, you can use your cupcake stands as extra CD storage solutions too. While it may not be able to accommodate a lot depending on the size, it looks like an attractive CD storage medium. Insert the CDs through the pole in the center. The layers are usually detachable.

Innovative CD storage need not be expensive, even mundane materials at home have their purpose too.

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