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Modern CD Storage Solutions

Modern CD storage solutions might just be the thing that audiophiles who love collecting albums of different artists need. Even at this age of digital technology where MP3, mobile phones and iPODs are the rage when it comes to listening to music, there are still people who want to enjoy listening to songs the conventional way. It is comparable to reading hard bound or paperback books when you can easily avail one in electronic format. For most audiophiles, the physical sense that a CD can give over downloadable MP3 files adds to the excitement of collecting music releases. With CDs, there are special edition albums commemorating an event that are exclusively released for fans who would love to get a copy. These exclusive releases can add value to ones CD collection.

Modern Ideas for CD Storage

Amassing a huge amount of CDs has some repercussions. Imagine the dilemma of finding enough space for storing a CD collection. Of course every audiophile would like to protect their collection from damage that would result due to exposure to dirt and harsh elements. Fortunately there are a variety of storage options to hold that huge CD collection. Modern CD storage solutions are also offered for people who want a sleeker and more stylish alternative. These storage solutions come in different sizes as well as designs and can vary from fixed shelves to spinning racks.

People looking for an inexpensive ways for keeping their CDs in one accessible space can go for CD storage boxes. The capacity of these CD storage units varies and the least itmodern cd storage solutions can accommodate is 26 discs in a single box. To make it more visually appealing, it is embellished with decors as well as front labels. The latter is useful for keeping track of your collection using different categories like genre or artist. CD storage boxes are sturdy enough to allow stacking. Another option you can have is a tabletop or desktop CD racks. These are portable CD storage alternatives that are more suitable for those just starting to build their own collection because its capacity is limited to only a small number of CDs. There are CD racks that are fashioned after a DNA helix to give it some interesting twist. Other interesting CD storage ideas include a zigzag media storage or acrylic flip rack.

One alternative modern CD storage solutions that is popular among avid music collectors is the CD storage cabinet. The disc collection can be accessed via two doors that swings back or a sliding panel. It is preferred by people who want to conceal the CDs to avoid clutter or keep it safe via locks. A CD storage cabinet can have a dark finish and minimalistic design for a contemporary look that blends easily with any home furniture.

Tower racks and shelves can also be an alternative especially if you love displaying your CD collection. Tower racks are bigger than the desktop version and has a stable base to support the weight of the whole CD library. As for the shelves, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically on walls. Some homeowners even use a recessed wall portion to make it unobtrusive.

More serious CD collectors sometimes use advanced technology one step further. Modern CD storage solutions using One-Touch technology have a motion device that enables a drawer containing up to 60 CDs to glide out smoothly without the aid of a battery. The casing of storage solutions like this are sometimes made from bullet material and are available in unique colors.

Tips for Purchasing Modern Compact Disc Storage

The main reason for buying a CD storage solution is to safely store one’s collection in a single place. Instead of wasting your time looking where you have misplaced a CD, these storage solutions keep it organized. However, before you decide to purchase a storage case, below are some useful tips to follow:

  • Assess the number of CDs you currently own to determine the capacity of the storage solution you would get.
  • Space availability is another factor that has to be considered. If your room has limited space, going for modern CD storage solutions like wall mounted shelves or one-touch CD cases are more practical. Otherwise, you can buy a CD storage cabinet to allow bigger capacity for holding your collection. Free-standing racks that are either static or rotating are also a good alternative for spacious rooms.
  • The style of the CD storage solution must go in harmony with existing furniture in your home. You can buy a storage rack or shelf that has a dark finish if the room is painted in light colors or vice versa. Doing so will accentuate the look of any space and make your furniture stand out.

Collecting a bunch of CDs may be a thing of the past for people used to electronic music formats. However, there are those who put some sentimental value to their CD collection and hold on to it for quite some time. In this instance, getting modern CD storage solutions is perfect to organize your CD collection and ensure that the quality of its sound will remain the same even after several years of use.

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