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CD Storage Sleeves

CD storage sleeves provide an anti-static environment for compact disks. They can also protect a CD from scratches and fit well into most of the storage cases. Some styles are offered in larger quantities with lower prices per sleeve. The packages will usually be available with 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 sleeves. A frosted plastic style with flush cut edges can be priced very near $3.99 for 100 sleeves. A package of 1000 sleeves in the same style is available for an average of $31.00. Most of the styles are made from clear vinyl, polypropylene or polyethylene. They are thin and fit loosely over the CD. And many of them are pliable. Some sleeves will slide quite easily into the pouches of the car visor cases.

Paper CD Storage Sleeves

There are also much stiffer sleeves that are made from paper. They are available in several styles and colors. Most common paper CD storage sleeves are white. More cd storage sleevesassorted colors are usually only available in packages with 50 or more sleeves. There are typically ten sleeves in each of the five different colors. The most common colors are red, blue, green, orange and yellow. And the average price is close to $3.99. There are specials that offer this same assortment in packages of 100 sleeves. Some prices for the larger quantity can range from $1.99 to $14.49. The paper sleeves may not be as durable as the vinyl styles. Plastic is more resistant to moisture and water contamination. And paper may not be the best choice for sports enthusiasts who want more protection from the weather. Boat owners and snow skiers may prefer plastic sleeves.

Inside storage is usually better with the white paper styles. They are offered with cut out windows that are covered with a transparent plastic. The sleeves are also available with back flaps. Prices can range from $4.99 for a 50 count package to $52.00 for 1000 sleeves. They offer a better contrast background for written notes. And anyone could also use labels with many different colors. The option for color is not limited to the solid colored CD storage sleeves. Gel pens and bright markers can always be used to add vivid notations that would help someone to find a CD in a storage box. The stiffer paper sleeves are more likely to stay upright than the flexible plastic styles. They may work much better with storage boxes and flip file trays.

Plastic CD Storage Sleeves

The plastic CD storage sleeves are mostly clear or frosted. Some of them are pages that can hold four compact disks on a single side. Punched holes along an edge allow the pages to be used in ringed binders. And there are also designs for a single CD. They may have flush cut edges or a flap. Some sleeves have safety liners that separate a front and rear pocket. Each pocket can hold a single CD. The safety liners are usually black or white, which is very visible inside a transparent sleeve. Other styles may fold open to reveal two separate pockets that are adjoined to a center spine.

The prices can vary considerably and depend on the manufacturer. A 100 count package may cost between $3.99 and $9.99 for the plastic styles. The fold out sleeves with two pockets are priced very close to $4.50 for a 10 count package. And a 25 count package for the binder pages has an average price of $26.00. Compact disks can be very expensive. They are an investment and should be protected. The paper and plastic options allow for a wider range of features with CD storage sleeves.

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