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CD Storage Tower

A CD storage tower is often referred to as a Media storage center within the furniture trade; not all storage towers are alike and not all media storage centers are towers. CD storage has come a long way since music first started appearing on CDs in 1982 and home entertainment started arriving on DVD in the later part of the 1990’s.

Considerations When Selecting A CD Storage Tower

Consider quality when purchasing a CD storage tower, or media center; this is a piece of furniture and should be chosen as such. Look for quality construction, solid materials, furniture grade finishes and detailing suitable to match your décor.

Construction has been one of the largest downfalls outside of aesthetics of all media storage centers. In this throwaway society, we have come to view media storage as CD Storage Towertemporary. CDs and DVDs are not temporary, nor is the collection of them static. When choosing a storage solution look for construction similar to other hard goods in the home; look at dressers, tables, chairs, night stands, and book cases. Examine each piece, review the construction details, and ask yourself, “what makes it last?” These are the same details to quality you should look for when purchasing a media storage center.

When is a CD storage tower not a tower? When the storage center in question pulls double duty; such as bookshelves which can function as a console table, buffet, or other serviceable piece of furniture, you can stretch your furniture dollars, investing in higher quality pieces. If space is a concern, and you do not have the option of devoting square footage to a single purpose item, look for items which offer more than just CD storage. Many console style entertainment centers offer CD and DVD storage combined with equipment stands.

Consider sectional storage as an option, many manufacturers offer groups of storage solutions covering both equipment, and media requirements. The advantage of sectional storage is that it grows with your collection. An example configuration might include a center console for the television, with shelving for additional components, and the ability to add storage towers in varying heights to the ends of the console, creating a homogenous look.

CD Storage Tower Style

Style plays a large part in the selection of CD storage towers as well; choose pieces that work well with the décor in your home. A glass and chrome tower might be a great choice for a college dorm, or metropolitan apartment; however, if your style is more traditional, look for pieces with complimentary lines, which, while traditional in nature may offer hidden storage. Whatever your style, you can be guaranteed to find media storage which will compliment not only your décor, but, provide adequate space to house your collection.

For consumers searching for the ultimate in dual purpose furnishings, look for benches, étagères, wall units, and other multi-purpose items that cannot only provide the much needed CD and DVD storage, but offer display or seating space as well. Adjustable shelving is a significant consideration for any CD storage tower. The ability to change shelf height is imperative for storing mixed media including CD, DVD, games, and books. Always assure your tower choice is stable and will withstand moving for cleaning or relocation without disassembly.

There is a CD storage solution for every home or apartment; they range from futuristic modern media towers, to fine pieces of artisan style furniture. The choice of style is as varied as the capacity. Assess not only your current needs, but your buying habits; what will you need today, tomorrow and next year. Invest wisely in quality and style, finding the right CD storage tower for all your media needs.

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