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When you’re buried in mounds of CDs, it makes sense to look for some CD storage units to cut down on clutter and organize your collection. There are a lot of shelves, cabinets and towers specifically designed for storing CDs and DVDs, and finding the best one can be a challenge. To find the best solution for your compact disc collection, there are a few things you need to take into account. The amount of CDs that need to be stored, location they are to be stored in and whether or not they are going to be displayed must all be considered when selecting CD storage units.

CD Storage Units Size

Before shopping for a CD storage solution, it should be determined just how many CDs need to be stowed away. First, decide whether your collection is small, 10-50 discs; medium, 51-200; or large, 200 and up. Many CD storage units are categorized by the amount of discs they hold. A very large collection will need more space and organizational tools than a small one. For large collections, the best solution is a storage cabinet or drawer unit. This will allow the CDs to be stored, organized and protected when they are not in use. Small CD collections tend to see more use for each individual disc and thus need to be more readily accessed. A carrying case with disc sleeves can be used to store any kind of disc and takes up very little space. Portable carrying cases can be taken in the car or to the office, wherever the CDs will be listened to.

CDs should be stored at or nearby the place they receive the most use. Large and medium collections are usually best kept at home, whereas small collections can be taken onCD Storage Units the go. Consider the space your CDs are currently occupying; this will help provide a ballpark estimate for the space CD storage units will need. Try to find space in the same room as or adjacent to the stereo system to place any storage furniture. The space available should determine the size and shape of the unit. If floor space is limited, a vertical unit such as a standing cabinet or CD tower will be the best storage solution. If floor space is not an issue, a stout unit such as a filing drawer may make CDs easier to organize and retrieve when desired.

Non Display Style CD Storage

A filing cabinet or drawer system is excellent for organizing large collections, but for those who would rather display their CDs, there are more stylish ways to store them. Shelving units can save precious floor space and add a stylish flair to a room. Many styles of wall mounted shelves and CD towers leave you with a variety of choices for showing off an extensive music collection. CD towers and shelves can also be used to store your favorite CDs while the rest are put away in cabinets. This means that both medium and large collections can be displayed partially or in their entirety depending on the available space.

After determining the amount of CDs, the location they will be stored in and the style of storage, you can consider yourself ready to shop for your CD storage units. You can purchase online or anywhere that sells furniture. Finding the best CD storage units for your CDs can be difficult, but by taking a few key facts into account, you can find the perfect solution to organize and protect your music collection.

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